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We integrate our Catholic Faith into each day of learning at our Catholic Schools. In addition to our resources like Alive in Christ, Chosen, and Decision Point, our students are taught the beauty of the sacraments and attend Mass together. Liturgical celebrations like Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Feast Days are taught and celebrated. Serving others is integrated into the school year. Staff are role models and a witness of the faith.

Each year, the Catholic Schools of British Columbia have a common Theme that connects them as a provincial catholic learning community. This year it is “Living, Celebrating, and Proclaiming Our Faith”


“Living, Celebrating, and Proclaiming Our Faith”



Green represents growth and renewal.

This section symbolizes the idea that living the faith is an ongoing process of growth and development.

Blue represents trust and faithfulness.

This section symbolizes the importance of trust and faithfulness in living the Catholic faith.

Gold represents wisdom and holiness.

This section symbolizes the goal of living the Catholic faith - to become wise and holy people who reflect the love of God in the world. 

Overall, this logo conveys the message that living the Catholic faith is a journey of growth, trust, and wisdom, and that the Catholic school community is united in this journey.

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