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Thank you for your interest in applying to register your child for enrolment at Annunciation School.  In order to provide clear and consistent enrolment practices, we are asking parents to complete this pre-application form.  This form will be received electronically by the school and will be date and time stamped for reference during the application process.

After submitting this electronic form, you may complete the full Application Form and bring it to the school office.  (Out-of-town families may submit the application by mail or email.)  Regardless of when you submit the paper application, the date and time of this Pre-Application Form will be used.

If your child is eligible for admission, the application form, copy of birth certificate, and related documents must all be received before the enrolment process can be finalized.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at the school office at 250-624-5873.

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